About Us

Our Journey:

Ka-viva Jewels is a brand built on re-defining the quintessential values behind jewellery and also tastefully pushing the boundaries. Ultimately we believe that each item of jewellery is an expression of love, from the way we channel our energies into the creation process, production, to the gift of love between friends and loved ones. While there has to be a careful retelling of form we believe strongly that at its core our pieces have to retain substance that is made to last. This means that each piece is lovingly and individually created and finished by hand.

You will find that we leave little detail in our product descriptions for no other reason than we would like our products to do the talking. We realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we can assure you that our products are made with love. We are a small but perfectly formed team at Ka-viva Jewels. We love interacting over product design and we love being passionate about what we do.

Substance & Form


At its heart we wanted to create jewellery, which radiates style, and to become iconic. At the same time we did not want to lose the feel of comfort when the jewellery was worn. For that reason we invested time and energy into developing pieces that the end user could slip in and out of. We are driven daily by a desire to continue striving to make the best possible pieces that are elegant and beautifully aesthetic.

Our journey (Susanta Banerjee and Ritu Sharma) started while travelling across Europe and from our time in India. We were able to draw on our rich cultural heritage from these travels, from the sounds, smells and sights which included the creatures we saw on a daily basis! We stumbled upon Artisans at work where we could see beauty being created. When home in the UK we quickly got to work on our own design styles. We wanted to create a careful fusion of the classic elegance of Indian inspired jewels with the timeless nostalgia of the European Belle époque, Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. We felt that this marriage of styles would make for an affordable collection of jewels, with a timeless quality, yet remain contemporary.


Welcome to our world


Ritu Sharma


Susanta Banerjee