1. The Great Outdoors

    So at Ka-viva we are not a particularly indoor-sy kind of bunch. We love the feeling you get from all of the elements affecting each and every one of your sense. In part its to do with the sensations created. We love living in the moment so here is a small collective of photos we took as part of an outdoor shoot
  2. Autumn Affair

    Its that time of year when we all had our Halloween costumes out from our wardrobes ready to make a scary statement! What fun! It's also in our view a truly beautiful time in the heart of the Woodlands for the sense of something Autumnal
  3. Kaoska Fashion Show, London Hilton 2017

    It was a real honour to be involved in dressing the very glamorous models at the Kaoska Fashion Show in support of the British Heart Foundation. It took place at the very swish London Hilton There was an amazing turnout of people from all walks of the fashion industry including members of the press. We had a wonderful time showcasing some of our Limited Edition Pieces and styling some amazing looks.
  4. Parisienne Looks

    Hi, so while accessorising for the seasons or for a certain look theres always questions thrown up before during and sometimes after. Remember jewellery should not simply be regarded as an accessory to your ensemble look
  5. Bring your Jewellery alive!

    So we got asked about weaving a Dark & Dangerous look and feel into our jewellery. This is what inspired us into curating these pieces and these designs. We wanted the element of danger yet beauty to be transposed into our pieces and for you to delight at the prospect of wearing it. We hope you like them and we realise that there are many of you who would cringe at the prospect of being near a snake or a tarantula. However we would add that we had a ball getting this shoot together. So this is what the shoot entailed, ingredients: