So we got asked about weaving a Dark & Dangerous look and feel into our jewellery.  This is what inspired us into curating these pieces and these designs.  We wanted the element of danger yet beauty to be transposed into our pieces and for you to delight at the prospect of wearing it.  We hope you like them and we realise that there are many of you who would cringe at the prospect of being near a snake or a tarantula.  However we would add that we had a ball getting this shoot together.  So this is what the shoot entailed, ingredients:
Venue: The Loop Bar, Mayfair
Models:  Ms Bambi Bains, Ms Nana Nanoush
Make up Artists:  Aarti P, Meera Shah
Photographer:  Paul Farnham
Clothing & Attire:  Sultana Fashions
We would just have to say that our make up artist’s models and photographer as a collective and collaborators were exceptional and not just a real sport with creatures but consummate professionals.
What does it mean to try this type of look out, or is it just unnecessarily high-brow.  We believe that in order to make a certain look or finish stand out that it was not just down to the craftsmen getting it right.  It also required a certain aesthetic value to be conveyed.  
Its moments like this that get us feeling supercharged and inspired and we intend to come at it with a different value proposition altogether.