At Ka-viva it is essential, no actually we feel it is our duty to do our bit in battle against the C-word yes in relation to Cancer.  While it is difficult at any stage or age in life we felt that it was particularly important for us to play our bit in early years.  We too have had our part to play in the loss of loved ones to Cancer.  However rather than sit back and adopt a mindset of accepting the status quo we want always to bring about change in whatever way we feel possible.  As a result we have made our contribution to Kids for life a charity that helps to fight childhood cancers.  This means bringing together the patients, families surgeons and the support networks involved in the care of younger people falling prey to cancer early on in life.  


In addition we hope we can stand united with the wonderful people, carers, staff at hospitals and all concerned to help wage war against Cancer.  We look forward to offering our bit at the front line by offering decent man and woman hours to this end.  As a brand we stand for going that extra yard and for fighting for what we believe in.  Largely this means the fight for the human condition and for striving towards good and bringing about positive change.  We hope you will join us!