Hi, so while accessorising for the seasons or for a certain look theres always questions thrown up before during and sometimes after.  Remember jewellery should not simply be regarded as an accessory to your ensemble look.  Chosen in the right way it can transcend you to deliver that killer look.  Although completely understated and somewhat hidden away look what you can do with the following necklace.  This was used at an outdoors shoot we pulled off recently.  The shoot was put together by the legendary Daniella Costin, who at the tender age of 18 can pack a punch with any schedule, location or clothing ranges.  It was also committed to celluloid by the great team at Foto Render.  Its why we collaborate with the very best.  We love the look below because not only does it completely break ground it pulls together all the trappings of a beautiful moment and one we feel is very Parisienne.  We used the backdrop of a very regal setting and wallah! 


For more such looks and styles stay tuned or check out our soon to launch Fashion Edit.. and in the spirit and energy of our team Ka-viva!